Marriages – this tri syllable word has created a stir around the globe. In today’s era, every child that knows what weddings are will have an extravagant plan for the big day. Right from the floral decorations to the tiniest gesture of greeting a guest, they will have ideas and themes planned for it. As the world along with time changes, so will their preferences and tastes. The plans will get grander and more impressive.

If the wedding itself attracts this much devotion, how will the selection of the life partner be? Is that going to be without any thoughts and expectations? Never! How many of us would have dreamt about our princes in galloping horses coming to sweep us off our feet? Wouldn’t you charming guys imagine your better half to be as attractive as the fairy tale princesses? Aren’t Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone your dream girls?
Marriages seem to be a huge event. It involves a lot of ceremonies and preparations and a lot of tension and nervousness. Well, we at Shaadikaka cannot reduce all the burdens and tensions of your grand event, but can help you in ticking off the major hurdle. From now on, forget about going to your neighbors, friends and relatives or to any marriage assemblers in search of brides or bridegrooms. Also, do not consider the option of signing up in matrimonial sites that require you to pay in thousands to find the one destined for you in heaven. is a steadfast matrimonial website that is ordained to make you meet your soul mate easily. Marriages are decided in heaven and Shaadikaka is just the transitional link for the bond to be sealed.
We at Shaadikaka respect the religious customs and traditions of our fellow users and have enthusiastic groups for each community with lots and lots of similar people clustered together. Of course, we love being trendy and with the world changing towards a community free globe, you are always welcome to search for your life partner across the website. Love and Affection has no age and no bars! Feel free to sense and express your emotions to the one you want to get attached to.
With India being predominantly a Hindu religion based country, Hindu matrimonial sites are in great demand. Finding the perfect match is a big deal and can help you in that. We have a large network where families searching for brides and grooms can sign up in the website and find the perfect one for their family. Don’t worry about being a North Indian or a South Indian, Shaadikaka is nation-wide and you can search for like-minded people to accompany you in your journey of life. With Hinduism itself having a number of splits and differences in their religious and traditional practices, the divisions need to be vast and elaborate. Every community has their own customs and traditional practices which need to be cherished and carried down generations. Every custom is beautiful and cute in a style. Though, they were created with respect to the culture and environment of ancient times, the traditions were so rich that they have been passed down generations and are still in existence. We value all these rituals just as you. It’s not just us in this squad, but a lot more of us feel the same way. We just have to recognize them and if all goes well, we can have that “sambandh”created! Welcome home in-laws!
We have a long list of reasons justifying the use of for your matrimonial quests. We are completely free and have no hidden costs asking to pay for our privileged services. This is our initiative to aid you in getting a good partner and also is our small gift for your wedding ;) Great, isn’t it! We are proud to present India’s largest cost-free matrimonial network, !
We all have this concern of identity security in matrimonial websites, especially if we are from the bride’s team. We don’t want our girl’s entire profile to be revealed to everyone on the site. Also, we have a separate authentication team to verify each and every registration on the site to ensure originality and prevent spamming. We assure you that we are one of the safest free matrimonial sites available in the country today!
Another big concern that we have is about the information provided by the users of the matrimonial site. It is practically impossible to verify the information provided by the users, but we have setup a dedicated team to check that the details given by the user is not ridiculously bogus. To get a better understanding of your choice of partner and to get into a rapport with them, we have this feature of communicating with each other.
You are our utmost importance and we are ready to take all strides to make your first step in marital life a huge success. We wish nothing but the best for you. Be happily married! Cheers from our team at !